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Adoptables at the Newark AHS in New Jersey

Phew, here it is, the last and final batch of photos from last weekends photo shoot at the Newark Humane Society in New Jersey!  And a good thing too because I have to get back to focusing on actual paying clients (kinda helps with the bills).  😉  Batch 1 and batch 2 if you missed them!


adoptable dog nj-1-11

First and foremost is Teddy, a very special resident at the Newark Humane Society. He was adopted out but returned through not fault of his own. He is a total sweetheart and lover and is very sad to be back in a kennel. Teddy has had a rough life and deserves his happy ending!


adoptable dog nj-1-15

How can you say no to those eyes? Teddy


adoptable dog nj-1-4

Happy! ID# 125906. Happy is just that, happy, in ever single photo!


adoptable dog nj-1-14

Get Happy! Literally, go down to the shelter, and get Happy. 😀

adoptable dog nj-1-13

Happy for some behind the scenes lovin’

adoptable dog nj-1-12

Lolly is the cutest squished faced dog ever. I actually thought I had warped the photo accidentally, but nope, her head is just that squished. 🙂 ID# 122492

adoptable dog nj-1-2

Lolly has a not so secret crush on someone at the shelter. It was the cutest thing ever. She was all moping, no smiles, not responding to treats or toys or squeakers, and then Scott walked through the room – her head perked up and this HUGE smile came on her face. What a little lover.

adoptable dog nj-1-5

Good things come in twos! Doesn’t get much cuter than this pair, though they can be adopted separately as well. ID# 125887, 125886. The pup on the right is male, left is female.



adoptable dog nj-1-3

“Please adopt me?” ID# 125886


adoptable dog nj-1-16

“Me too!” ID# 125887



Good things also come in threes! ID# 125835, 125834, 125833. Three cutie pie brothers.


adoptable dog nj-1-6

Am I getting a little carried away with the textures? 😀 Love his cute face and mohawk.


adoptable dog nj-1-7

adoptable dog nj-1-8


adoptable dog nj-1-10

This Rottie here is a BEAST of a man. One of the biggest dogs I’ve ever seen. He acts a bit like a puppy and needs some training so if you are a big dude and looking for a big dog then LOOK NO FURTHER! ID# 125938


adoptable dog nj-1-9

Think I’m kidding? Look at this guys head compared to Scotts. Scott is a big dude himself, but this Rotties head is huge in comparison! Calling all big dog lovers!!


adoptable cat nj-1

Now for the pretty kitties! Adopt Blade, ID# 124222. Beautiful orange eyes. Only 11 months old.


adoptable cat nj-1-15

Finn, ID# 124223. Finn and Blade must be brothers. I actually thought they were the same cat and had to double check when I saw two names written down on my list.


adoptable cat nj-1-2

Mumu is dreaming of home. ID# 124221


adoptable cat nj-1-13

No surprise here – Chrysalis is already adopted! She has some crazy before photos, check them out here:


adoptable cat nj-1-3

Juju, ID# 122767. Boy does Newark have the prettiest kitties ever!


adoptable cat nj-1-5

Momo ID#124608, M, 5 years old. Love his stache and beard markings.


adoptable cat nj-1-7

ID# 122269, M, 3 years.


adoptable cat nj-1-6

This young lady is ready for a tea party! ID# 124553, F, 9 months


adoptable cat nj-1-8

F ID# 124554, 9 months.

adoptable cat nj-1-12

Panda is ready to go to work! ID# 125899, M, 4 months.


adoptable cat nj-1-10

ID# 125564, 9 months


adoptable cat nj-1-9

Fluffy, a three legged cat, says, “seriously, what did you just put on my head??” ID# 125228, 8 months


adoptable cat nj-1-16

I am smitten with this kitten named Smittens!! He belongs in a doctor suess book. ID# 122996, M, 2 years


adoptable cat nj-1-14

Last but not least, we have Balls. Balls was surrendered by his family after he got hit by a car and they said he “walked funny”. Balls barely walks with a limp and is the most affectionate cat. No surprise here, Balls has already been pulled into rescue – Thanks Louie’s Legacy!!

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  • Christian Dittmar - Beyond outstanding!

  • Jerilyn Milius Pellecchia - You did an awesome job!! Thank you for taking the time showcase in beautiful way. ReplyCancel

  • Janice Rossel - These are fantastic. Hope they help in getting them all adopted.

  • Nicole Handrigan-Billey - I agree, beautiful job on these and great that you took the time to do them 🙂 From the pictures alone I almost considered a road trip to see Mr. Rottie Beastie (lol) but I think he’s a little big for my Thunder’s playmate (she’s a little princess). The pictures are gorgeous though, you did an excellent job on them!ReplyCancel

  • Cheri Saxen - These are wonderful pictures thanks for taking the time.ReplyCancel

  • Marnie Spencer - OMG you did a fabulous job on these photos. I hope and pray they all find loving homes. Thank you!!!! ReplyCancel

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